Monday, November 14, 2005

People before profit at Boyle Kawasaki

What a wonderful thing it is to meet people in business that have your genuine interest at heart. One business that puts people before profit is the oldest family motorcycle business in town. I'm talking about Boyle Kawasaki on Adelaide Rd, Newtown, and it is well overdue that I do so. I bought my first motorcycle from Don Boyle who is no longer in the business. However that is how I met the wonderful but a little eccentric, Boyle family. The original business closed but re-opened a long time ago under the management of the Boyle brothers Mark and John.

Motorcyclists know this business for its unique culture of casualness but no nonsense common sense advice on anything you please. It is a special fraternity of care for the big family of customers who are made friends of by these unusual men. These guys can be guaranteed to call a spade a shovel. Not only that but they exhibit a level of candor and honesty that is rare in business today. This week I pay a special tribute to this business and the wonderful way in which the Boyles were raised by their super loving parents, Mrs and Mrs Boyle senior, who are still seen in the shop from time to time. Mrs Boyle senior is still active but unintrusive in this fabulous motocycle shop that is staffed by excellent mechanical staff headed by Mark Boyle and his stoically mechanical off-sider Steven.
If you are thinking about a future in motorcycling because you care about conservation of the environment and saving precious fossil fuel make sure you pay this family business a visit first.


Blogger Warwick Taylor said...

Yes, Bryan, I have heard of John Boyle. My friend Rod Walker, who stood for the Wellington Area Health Board for People's Party and received over 3000 votes, speaks highly of him and refers to him as Motorbike John.


Trolleybus Warwick (who can't drive).

2:01 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

A great pedigree.
Dick Lawton and Don Boyle ran Lawton and Boyles which crossed the road to the present premises. Great names like Bruce Abernethy and many other stars of the cinder track, the Colemans and hundreds of other two and three wheeled sportsmen rode bikes developed at this stable.
Kawasaki greats off road and the racetrack have bonds with this institution also. Whats more these guys still ride, build specials and do it. They even repair motor scooters for the local Nuns.
Your business is what the do, not your wallet.
Help, advise and guidance is always free and without rush nor push to off load a product.
Repair comes before replace at this place. Bent bikes get straightened out.
A no nonsense outfit with dedication to the local world of two wheels.

8:34 PM  

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