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Media Release

The history of privatisation of public assets has been a concern of the Wellington Residents Coalition since its inception over 12 years ago.

With the sale of Wellington's electricity supply network (originally the MED and later put into a Local Authority Trading Enterprise called Capital Power) a coalition of concerned residents was formed. Despite a promise from the Mayor that the Council's fifty one percent would not be sold a sale later took place and the citizens of Wellington lost control of this core service.

Water is also a core service and its supply has gone through a similar process to the electricity network. Water supply was once delivered and maintained by the regional and local councils. It has now been put into a Council owned trust called Capacity which contracts its maintenance out to the profit sector. With the introduction of water meters there is nothing to stop treating water as a commodity to be sold by the metered unit. This would allow the profit takers to ramp up the price and take a necessity of life out of the reach of many people.

With this in mind the water petition now has over 10,500 signatures and reads reads:

We the undersigned recognise that water is a necessity of life, and therefore a basic human right - not a commodity to be traded for commercial interests.

Accordingly, we call on our elected representatives in local, regional and national government to:

* reject water metering as a method of domestic water management

* promote and subsidise alternative technologies that enable the collection and use of rainwater and greywater

* support publicly-controlled, not-for-profit management and conservation of our water resources.

Bryan Pepperell
37 Havelock Street
Wellington City

Tel 9343660


Blogger maria van der Meel said...

The City is Ours is quitely confident that the proceedings in the Environment Court regarding the pre-determination of the decision in October 2008 on Manners Mall the chosen route as part of the Ngaraunga to Airport plan will uncover unpresedented corruption and shame not only this Council but expose the CEO and other executive members controlling this City.

Water as pointed out by Bryan would be the next ratepayer rip off unless we kick it in the butt in the Environment Court.

1:55 AM  

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