Monday, July 19, 2010


Part of the Save Capital Power Campaign.
Voted not to sell the parking buildings.
Voted to not sell the airport shares.
Formed the Clean Water campaign in the early 1980s.
Called for the peoples' bank which became Kiwi Bank.
Voted for the Embassy when it was going to be sold.
Voted for retaining city operations when Council wanted to sell.
Opposed the building of the fish zoo on Te Raekaihau Point.
Voted for better cycle ways.
Introduced lower speed limits around schools.
introduced the idea of public advocate.
Introduced Newtown alcohol ban to Council
Voted to not sell public land on the South coast.
Voted to stop business rates being switched onto home owners.
Introduced and voted for income related rents for social housing which resulted in a rental cap.
Introduced Council officers to Peak Oil presentation by Colin Campbell.
Moved Peak Oil onto Council's 40 year plan.
Voted against variation 17 and 11 on the waterfront .
Voted to bring waterfront management company back into Council.
Voted to bring Wellington's water management company back into Council.


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