Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was not surprised when Mayor Celia Wade-Brown sought the approval of the full council last night to put a new item on the agenda. Celia is very familiar with social networking and an old hand with the technology it uses. She had been watching the opposition to the Wellywood sign grow on Facebook and other sites, and like us all was taken by surprise with the unfolding events surrounding the airport company's attempt at branding.

Social networks are now a political reality that cannot be ignored and the mayor has been quick to acknowledge their influence. It was flattering to hear her mention me as one of the social network players but that is all I was as the people are now exercising their power. They do not need the mainstream media to have a voice and that is a very positive thing indeed.

We will need all the people power we can muster as we contend with the paradigm shift that is now being forced on us with the downward slope of Peak Oil. The International Energy Agency has lately acknowledged Peak Oil in 2006 . We are in for a rough ride without a strong peoples' voice. All power to the social networks.


Blogger The City is Ours said...

The City is Ours Inc. an opponent of the Wellywood sign confirms after speaking to a WCC planning officer a building consent has not yet been applied for by Wellington International Airport, an injunction is now sought to stop them from getting the building consent.

3:33 AM  
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