Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The city is still sleeping but I'm already at my work station. At last night's Full Council meeting the approval to spend $1 million to contribute to the consent application for a runway extension was rushed through. This was done without a general consultation, shutting out public opinion. Democracies rely on openness and informed debate. What is at stake here is our point of difference. We have a domestic air terminal that fits with our point of difference. We are without doubt, in a world of man's imperfections, a paradise city. Being a connected city does not depend on an international runway. What happened to the climate change concerns and preoccupations of our city mothers and fathers at last night's Council meeting? The vote to spend $1 million on the consent application for the runway extension was opposed by myself and Councillor Helene Ritchie. Shouldn't the public have been given the opportunity to comment on this first $1m? The door is now open on the first of many millions to be spent in an assault on our paradise city. Will we have growth at any price?


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