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Blogger maria van der Meel said...

Yes, but did you know Celia had to choose between being President of Living Streets Aotearoa or continue voting for buses? Miss Prendergast was not supposed to vote at all for a conflict of her private directorship on the Airport Company, with its constitution demanding she should not, we all know what happened Celia resigned and Kerry renigged.

Wake up Wellington the City is Ours

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Blogger The City is Ours said...

Through a request to the ombudsman the City is Ours can officialy confirm that the "approved plans for construction" for the Golden Mile have compromised pedestrian safety in the Willis/Taranaki Street precinct and lies in breach of NZTA guidelines and standards.

A request by way of an E-petition has been logged with WCC and demands the route be tested before being made operational in line with NZTA regulations.

A meeting with a member of the Wellington Tramways Union further confirms the projections made by Council this plan will provide a more efficient bus service are significantly downgraded by the fact buses cannot pass one another safely and in some cases without risking conflict between pedestrians.

Footpath widths in Manners Street including Manners Mall have been severely compromised and a letter to NZTA is being formulated by CIO asking why they have funded their agent Greater Wellington Regional Council for a project in breach of its own standards and guidelines.

During the Environment Court Hearing The City is Ours Inc. versus Wellington City Council it was confirmed by WCC/Teena Pennington the cycling and walking policies were not applied at the planning stages of the proposal.

The City is Ours raises further concerns in view of the Rugby World Cup in 2011 for the estimated visitor numbers expected during that time.

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Blogger The City is Ours said...

Sir Robert Jones declared today he is not putting up his Vibrant team in the local body elections because Council has now commisioned planning consultants to look at pedestrianising the Golden Mile.

Councillor Pepperell the only Mayoral Candidate opposing the destruction of Manners Mall agrees with Sir Robert as part his SOS Save our Streets campaign from a previous elction year.

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Blogger The City is Ours said...

Please forwar to your networks

Demand Golden Mile improvements be NZTA tested.

The City is Ours at your service.

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Blogger The City is Ours said...

Reminder: Hi Bryan, What happens if Mayor Prendergast is not returned to a Mayoral position, does the directorship on the board of WIA have a vacancy if so who gets it and more improtantly who decides?

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