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Blogger crikeyd said...

Well Bryan food prices will signal to the poor but the fat cats will not notice.
Every ton of grain takes 4 ton of oil to produce it.

No brainer?

The puzzling people are those who defend business mouth pieces and their puppet politicians when they foster irrational "business as usual lies." The agenda is greed without responsibility.
The last Mayor was such a puppet imposing enormous damage to the fabric of Wellington. Sea level rise stopped her in her tracks just before the voters got rid of her.

Keep up the good work.

Who is up for organising a banking "Autumn".
Parasites are killing our chance to plan a future dealing with the big change underway, which will spiral out of any control. The loss of control is caused by these parasites, patsy politicians and corrupt greed in this community following the will of transnational masters.
Bloody bankers and the fiat system sucking us dry of not only money and resources but of opportunity to prepare for the consequential havoc resulting from ruthless exploitation.
Our PM is a Prime Manipulator with transnational backing complete with roots into the black grimy world of massive fraud and corrupt stripping of the community purse. Alan Greenspan his master.

Growth is a fraud, complete poppycock in and overshot finite world.
Growth means taking from the community to give to the business, bankers and the 1%.

We should get very angry. Our kids and grandkids are being robbed by greedy charlatans.

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Blogger crikeyd said...

Peak everything - you are right.
Over the last few weeks with a so called 911 10th Anniversary there has been a peak in the distribution of pro Bush propaganda including repetition of the flimsy unsubstantiated nonsense about alleged Arab learner suicide pilots taking over planes.
Most of the alleged pilots have been located still alive and the FBI have no evidence against Bin Laden yet the myths are vigorously supported by NZ press and media.

Peak bovine excreta has arrived. We are being showered on again in spite of all the hard evidence that the building were demolished with local explosives etc, etc, etc.

The public are dumb if they don't object to RNZ and other patsy propaganda proliferators.

Who dictates to these organisations. By there charters balanced presentation is demanded.
Even the BBC Ruth lectures have been used for MI5 propaganda.
Shocking stuff in our midst today.

Peak arrogance from the right wing who no longer consider we matter.

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