Monday, April 16, 2007

Bicycle philosopher down but not out.

Bryan Pepperell with broken wing

April 14 2007

I've just had my most serious accident since I returned to bicycling as a way to commute to work and recreate. I broke my collar bone and tore muscles down my right side. My ribs really hurt if I cough and laughing causes severe pain. I've had two weeks of sleep deprivation but I'm now on the mend. I have much to be thankful about, not the least being my lack of head injuries as I was wearing my crash helmet.

Don't let anyone tell you that crash helmets aren't necessary. Careful examination of my helmet shows that it saved me from certain head injury. Strangely my bicycle is undamaged after I crashed at 35 kms.

Climate change and peak oil means this is as good as it gets in the age of human energy. Every day we take risks and Friday two weeks ago was my day. I would like to give a special thanks to Roger Hayes of Island Bay for running me and my bicycle home after my accident.




Blogger maria van der Meel said...

Dear Bryan,

Why is it when people like Mark Blumsky only have to break a fingernail to get the headlines in the Dom post, whereas your accident, when men met concrete, goes practicaly un-noticed?

Hope you get better soon.

Regards Maria van der Meel

6:27 AM  

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