Sunday, April 01, 2007

Do we want more of this? Election 2007

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Blogger Peter Sharpe said...

I now see someone has realised just how much extra servicing these 'little boxes on the hillside' (-thank you Allan Sherman)and extra resources this 'development' will absorb.

This is a developer which SHOULD have been taken to the cleaners by Council for not observing his Resource Consent, monitored to ensure the now long-standing environmental mess he has left on the hills has been fixed.
Oooh...NO! Instead, the City Council will no doubt wait until the next decent rainfall, when the inherently unstabe hillside dumps a load of sticky clay and rotten rock onto the bottom of the valley, completely cutting Ohiro Road and majorly polluting the already struggling Owhiro Stream.

Why? Because common sense is the last thing evident from the planning department.
As ratepayers, it will cost an absolute bomb to fix this and any subsequent mess occuring as a result of shoddy adherance to planning stipulations.

What the hell though... after-all Ratepayer money is there to be spent at all costs...that way Council can 'justify' raising your rates next year to cover the inevitable deficit..!!

How do we like this??

Vote Pepp for mayor & get some real values back on Council!

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