Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Civil Defence in Wellington May 16 2009

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The following resolution was carried unanimously at this afternoon's meeting, attended by approximately 65 people:

"THAT this meeting calls on the Wellington Council and other relevant local councils to attend a further public meeting on Saturday 6 June 2009 to report back on the issues raised at the of 16 May 2009, including whether adequate civil defence preparations are in place to deal with a catastrophic earthquake or pandemic. That meeting should review the current and proposed staffing levels of the Wellington Emergency Management Centre and its funding, the number and membership levels of Wellington Civil Defence Centres and their funding, and the civil defence training of Wellington City Council Staff and contractors and its frequency."

Moved: Bill Southward

Seconded: Jim Baltaxe

Hon Peter Dunne

MP for Ohariu /Leader of UnitedFuture

Minister of Revenue/Associate Minister of Health

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