Monday, June 01, 2009

Misrepresentation bound to succeed!!

Don't forget-its called democracy, NZHERALD, May 25, 2009.

Mr Rudman's comment about ``proportional representation'' for Auckland points to the real faults causing the present embarrassing mess in Auckland. First, we should have had ``regional'' MPs instead of these list MPs with no formal attachment to any community base. We had a 1986 royal commission visiting five European countries. But this ignored what was occurring in Germany, and has now spread to Scotland and Wales. These two countries now have a proportion of MPs accountable to their regions. This is what Auckland, and all other properly constituted regions here urgently need. But ``Super City'' simply leaves out many rural areas and must induce confusion about the proper accountable management of the various valuable public utilities in this wider region.

Another problem must occur down the track regards the role of the confused collection of Wellington based departments and agencies now trying to advise Government and Parliament in this matter. None of these are capable of producing the sort of Report
as the late MInistry of Works and Development(MWD), with the help of Treasury and Internal Affairs, did in 1977. Entitled AUCKLAND:THE COSTS OF GROWTH, this 200 page study pulled together all, repeat all the total capital investment planned by all state agencies and local bodies. In a surprising twist, the decisions on the priorities for this huge programme were to be decided by a Joint Committee with strong local and transparent representation. I think Mr Rudman would call this ``democracy''. But how Auckland, in any form, is to now handle its fifty billion dollars worth of physical assets, will indeed be a spectacle to watch, that's if we can see!!

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