Monday, June 29, 2009

Post-Script on The LTCCP 2009 -2019

LTCCP 2009-2019 voting record on some big expenditure items in the worst recession in 100 years. For the record I was joined by Councillors Steph Cook, Leonie Gill and Helene Ritchie in opposing the continued switch of commercial rates onto the residents rates bill. Foster and Pannett voted with me in opposing the Indoor Community Sports Centre funding. I alone opposed the extra $450,000 to the Marine Education Centre for a further feasibility study (they have already received close to $791,000). So much for living within our means with Gross Borrowings now $322,954,000 and rising. Cr Bryan Pepperell Wellington City


Blogger maria van der Meel said...

Borrowing futures are the demise of most civilizations and cannot be sustained in this economic climate.

You and I won't have to worry about the City's debt it is our children and theirs that are doomed by the folly of these visionary decisions made by both WCC and WRC holding hands taking advise from big business and the Chamber of Commerce.

Shame on them and the worthless oaths they took to serve us.

VOTE NEW ZEALAND Elections 2010

5:39 AM  
Blogger pepptalk said...

"Save $11 million. Save Manners Mall."

8:16 AM  

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